The resources below will help your clinic implement SBIRT

Clinic Tools

Find the WASBIRT-PCI provider card, a clinic flowchart diagram, information on the brief interventions, motivational interviewing, and referral to treatment, as well as links to SBIRT materials to use with patients.

Screening Forms

Find English and Spanish versions of the prescreens and full screens for alcohol (AUDIT), drugs (DAST), depression (PHQ9), and anxiety (GAD7).


Find SBIRT trainings being offered throughout the state and online.


Review the latest information from the Health Care Authority on SBIRT billing and reimbursement instructions.  Find links to other relevant SBIRT billing and reimbursement materials.

For Grantee Clinics

For WASBIRT-PCI grantee: quick links to SPAR and Tumbleweed, as well as the latest training manual and the Clinic Flowchart including GPRA requirements.