SBIRT Screening

Screening for drugs and alcohol in your clinic or hospital may be a new practice. Normalizing the new screening procedure may help patient's understand why they are being asked about their drug and alcohol use. Develop scripts for staff to use to introduce the SBIRT screens. For example:


"To improve the care we provide our patients, we are asking all our patients about their alcohol and drug use at least once a year. Alcohol and drugs can impact your health and we want to make sure we have all the information that will help us in working with you to stay healthy. Would it be alright if I asked you a couple questions?"


Click the links below for SBIRT posters that can be hung in your clinic to normalize the SBIRT process.





AUDIT and DAST Scores and Risk Levels

The patient's AUDIT and DAST 10 scores will inform the next steps of the SBIRT process. There are four risk categories: Low Risk/Abstain, Risky, Harmful, and Dependent. All risk zones except Low Risk/Abstain require a brief intervention. Approximately 78% of all patients will prescreen or full screen negative.